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another ECCE yr for parents

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18/11/2015 11:17 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Iv had this last year and again this year...I refused to do without payment for three hours while I´d have extra drop offs and collections..solution I started on collection which meant less work for me with less payment for the parents but with serious hassle for them but also my loyalty to parents is no longer guaranteed. But I had make a stand as every family treated same here.
This issue has been brought to ccc who in fairness haven´t much, if any resources to spend on childminding. However Childminding Ireland are totally aware of it, even before the second year announced, see their fb page for posts, although majority are taking down. No wonder childminding is in such a state! Their talk of lobbying re budget was one pathetic statement that had mistakes re regulations and was taken down.
To expect a full income from childminding is not viable and into the future can only get´s going start earlier than three Im afraid as if child starts free on two second entries parents will be and are being asked to hold place by starting in Sept fee paying.
I collect from a creche and all junior playschool bags in same messy room and amount nappies I see is unbelievable. I happened to be at training evening when a creche manager sat beside me and so asked do they take kids in nappies as I understood from my own kids few years ago on ecce must be toilet trained and she laughed, money is king in junior playschool in this economy! This will follow into ecce I feel as no service will refuse a child esp if demand low!
Childminding will continually mean taking on babies, who ironically the creche don´t want any way as ratios are so tight, if followed, meaning often no or very little profit.
I have seen posts saying to increase baby rate so a cmer can then afford not charge for ecce hours!

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18/11/2015 23:09 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
oh i so agree with you.....might need a career change

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19/11/2015 22:22 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I feel it is a bit of both tbh and something I take very seriously,the government needs to support childminders in the same way playschool and creches in order that we can make a decent wage

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19/11/2015 18:51 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Do you consider it a career, angie? I feel it´s a service that suits a mum who is at home by choice with her young children. I´m so disappointed with way childminding is continually being unrecognised by government and this latest second free year will be final straw for many as pressure to push quality standards is never ending yet only governmental support is €1000 grant every two yrs.
After reading latest message from Childminding Ireland due to serious financial pressure and low uptake they have suspended a benefit of having membership. The few who run insured childminding businesses currently in Ireland are losing faith yet the general consensus is anyone childminding without insurance is running a huge risk, never mind families who leave their kids in an uninsured environment.

another ECCE yr for parents           reply
17/11/2015 22:15 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Does anyone have any thoughts how this new ECCE yr will affect us childminders?We may become obsolete from 0930 to 1230!!
I know we ll still get babies who need minding but what about when they reach 3....isnt it going to become messy if we are needed from 1230 only... hows that going to affect our earning capacity for the mornings and doesnt it mean we need to keep place for child coming in at 1230 so cant take on little ones for those morning hours....?

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20/11/2015 17:07 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
i suppose every sector has their own problems but its either a feast or a famine,very hard work when they are babies and before we know it they are off to preschool!!!! no guaranteed income

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20/11/2015 07:23 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Since last July after I read this report I can no longer live in hope of the childminder ever being included. The government funding of Childminding Ireland and the grant is their answer. Both don´t have an impact on our income levels, it´s purely private families we cater for yet regulations and ratios imposed, which I agree with by the way but it make me mad when government say no quality standards statistics in childminding as only self regulated. Childminding Ireland have concentrated their efforts on topics like organising first aid, hello I can do this for myself by simple phonecall in my own county and also my ccc do it. They need to be more active in promoting and protecting their members. One member recently asked how much new logo cost, no answer and unbelievable it was pointed out their motto changed from representing registered childminders to using just childminders! Backward step and not promoting members and total waste money. The magazine can be emailed yet no, published in expensive glossy format and posted.

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