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booster shots junior infants

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12/12/2006 20:51 - Childrens Health
its not up to the school to discourage you. I always went along for my kids shots. thankfully they have always been fine but something can always go wrong. When my eldest girl got her 6th class booster, she was fine thank god. Another girl walked out of the nurses´ room, felt dizzy, threw up and then fainted. I know i´d like to be there if it happened to my girl. You can´t beat a hug from mum/dad. Junior infants are only little kids, they are so young - go on in and give her a hug after the shot.

booster shots junior infants           reply
07/12/2006 21:38 - Childrens Health
Are any of you going along when your child is getting their booster shots in junior infants. I get the impression our school would rather the mums stay away - they´re probably right - think my little one would be braver if I wasn´t there. What do you think.

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12/12/2006 22:03 - Childrens Health
You´re right Vee. Just needed someone to tell me I wasn´t being an overprotective mum. Didn´t realise they also had one in sixth class!

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20/12/2006 22:03 - Childrens Health
i´m not sure if the 6th class booster is still there - heard recently that more recent "new improved" vaccines have taken away the need for it. my daughter now in 2nd year secondary.

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