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bullying of child with disabilities

bullying of child with disabilities           reply
01/06/2007 12:46 - Bullying

I am looking for advice with a major problem with my daughters school. She is 8 yrs, has C.P. and is visually impaired. She also lost her granddad 7 weeks ago, who she was very close to. Last week she slapped her teacher and s.n.a. Even though there are genuine medical and other reasons they are now threating to suspend her if we dont put her in the special class but her IQ is 120 way above the 70 needed for placement in the special class. There are lots of other issues in relation to this. Just wondered if anyone has and experience of a similar problem?

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13/06/2007 10:20 - Behaviour / Discipline
hi Ann,
thanks for your advice. my daughter has now been suspended for the max. 3 days for first offence! The special class is only for children with mild/mod learning delays. She is at the moment, with no allowances made for her disabilities, testing in the average/low average range and has all ready been turned down by the seno for the special class. We are looking at an alternate school but it is not easy as ia have another child in the same school who is doing extremely well in their (98% in the recent drumcondra tests) with a great set of friends who doesnt want to leave. We have now handed our file over to our lawyer so maybe this will be the kick they need to change all their views on children with all kinds of special needs. All her team of specialists are of the same opinion and are fully behind us whatever decision we make.
orla b

re : bullying of child with disabilities           reply
01/06/2007 18:06 - Bullying
It sounds like your daughter really is going through a tough time at the moment, poor thing!
Is the special class in her school only for children with a low IQ, in our school it´s for children with ´special needs´ of all sorts, could you discuss this further with the Principal & Teacher and maybe if they could discuss what her IEP(individual education plan) would cover it might be to the advantage of your child to join this group while she is going through a tough time. Good luck with it all.

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