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childcare cost for a 3hr day

childcare cost for a 3hr day           reply
13/06/2016 13:50 - Introduce Yourself (Locality: Kildare)
Hi, What is the appropriate wage to pay a childminder in her house for the following -

I will drop my 3yr old to her at 8.30am and collect her 7yr old and bring her to school along with my 7yr old. Childminder will drop my 3yr old to playschool at 9.15am and collect him at 12.15pm. I will collect the two 7yr olds from school at 2.20pm while going on to collect my son from childminder at 2.30pm. School runs are a 5min drive from childminders house. Therefore childminder will have my son 45mins in morn and 2hr 15min in afternoon, 3 hrs in total x 5 days. Childminder may have to give him a snack after school. I was thinking €90 per week (€6 per hr x 15hrs)???

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14/06/2016 18:20 - Introduce Yourself
Ok thanks for your opinion guys.

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13/06/2016 16:47 - Introduce Yourself
Every childminder sets their own contract so all have different rates/how they work things etc, the beauty of being self employed. However a parent is here looking for childcare and has suggested €18 for hours mentioned, for playschool child including dropping/collecting, including a snack and no mention extra money for fuel. To suggest €15 is in my opinion is giving this parent false hope.
Any childminder carrying childminded children especially if undertaking school runs, needs Class II. Childminding Ireland, see their website, specifically mentions their policy excludes cover in car and so one must check their insurance company. Some companies will not even quote for childminders if they don´t deal with businesses. The cost of Class II is why alot creches are no longer offering school runs as part of their services.

re : childcare cost for a 3hr day           reply
13/06/2016 15:23 - Introduce Yourself
I personally charge €5 per hour for one child.
So I´d charge €75 for the 15 hours, especially given you´re bringing her daughter to school and back too!

re : childcare cost for a 3hr day           reply
13/06/2016 16:06 - Introduce Yourself
Majority will charge for playschool hours, so it´s much more than 15 hours work. If your child is ill or suddenly ill who will collect child or its closed?
Yes, it´s €5 an hr approx but honestly all that work for €90 or gosh €75 is not worth it for the childminder in question.
I know you feel your doing yourself a cost saving exercise and the childminder a favour by dropping/collecting her child to school but to carry a child on this basis a domestic car policy will not cover you.
Plus your expecting a snack per day, the childminder will soon realise, if she inexperienced she´s totally underpriced and will either quit or ask more money.
You´d be better/safer let the childminder have her insurances in place/manage her own child and pay for the peace of mind for this, not involving your own car at all.

re... : childcare cost for a 3hr day           reply
13/06/2016 16:25 - Introduce Yourself
If the child is ill, it is not longer just 3 hours though. it is most of the day and goes back to €5 per hour in care!
As for the car, my husbands business partners dad owns his own insurance company and told me I was fine on my own insurance policy.....

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