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christmas school hols

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11/12/2006 21:24 - School holidays / Inservice
Hi tuite02
I think primary schools have to open for a minimum of 183 days per year while secondary schools have to open for 167 days. Hope that helps.

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11/12/2006 21:02 - School holidays / Inservice
Can you tell me how many days do primary schools have to open for each year?

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07/12/2006 20:38 - School holidays / Inservice
You are allowed a certain number without the authorities being informed. Use good judgement and always explain the reasons for absence and adhere to school policy. As long as it doesn´t exceed the number (I think it is more than 2 weeks but do not quote me) then it should be acceptable as a one off!

All the best,

christmas school hols           reply
03/12/2006 11:06 - School holidays / Inservice
I´m thinking of taking the kids a way for a couple of weeks holidays in January. Unfortunately the kids will only have returned to school for a week before we go away but its the only time we can get an affordable package. Should I say anything to the school about it before I book or just go ahead and do it?

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