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class split up into 5 classes ...son really sad he is not with best friends .

class split up into 5 classes ...son really sad he is not with best friends .           reply
26/06/2013 20:08 - Announcements (Locality: Offaly)
Hi Please help me ..Yesterday my 6 year old son came home in tears , telling me as best he could ( no school note ) that his class is being "breaking up" and he is going into a different class (1st ) next year with some boys who are not his buddies. HIs two best friends are going together into another class . So i asked his principal this morning to explain. As they have received an extra teacher for mainstream, she needs to use her up so she is splitting all of the new 1st class up next year and he will have only 14 in his class ( yes 14 ! ) I said but " he is not with his two friends " . The principal explained that he was and he had picked these other boys.. MY son says he didnt and doesnt know or rem being asked ( hes only 6 ! ) i asked her could he go in with his friends if the class numbers are so small as his socialable and emotional side will suffer if he changes after 2 years ..she flatly told me no ! ive never ever ever caused a problem , gone in , complained on anything with this school. In fact my two older children went though it , with brilliant results . She is a new principal since last year. she says he is with his friends and im saying hes not ( i dont even kno the other boys ..Have I any rights ..she tells me NO " YOu can do nothing about it >>> Im devasted for my little fella , who now thinks he did something wrong.. hes only 6.. and a good little boy ..middle ocally f the road accademically...have i no input re my childs education or emotional or social rights ???

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