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council/corpo or private

council/corpo or private           reply
19/04/2014 00:25 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
hi.i would be interested to know what others think of childminding in council or corporation housing or private.i know a lot of great minders in council houses most have bought them.i also know some in private houses.some rented some bought.the thing is a lot of people will turn their noses up at council areas.even if they have found a great minder.i had a minder a few years ago in a council area of swords.she was the best minder anyone could ask for.some people would rather go with the minder in a better should be about the best minder you can find.and not about the area.people in council/corpo are no different to people in friend lives in rathfarnam in a very well of estate.she says their all like desperate housewives.i think their more like the stepford wives.she minds in her own home.does a good job of it but the other people dont seem to like that sort of thing.these are people who go out and get their nails done.go the hairdressers or go to the spa.she goes around with baby puke on her or has a couple of kids hanging of her like little monkeys.she said that a few of them look down on her .for what though she pays her taxes.and is good at her job

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