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dominicans griffith ave

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20/03/2014 14:43 - School Specific
Thank you for the update. Had contacted both schools. Neither had an open evening this year and unlikely to have one next year either. Was told if I accept a place for my daughter she could then look around school. The reason for my post to get some feel for either school because as you say they do seem very evenly matched. Thanks for your help.

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20/03/2014 11:45 - School Specific
Hi I have 2 daughters in Maryfield one in 1st yr and other in 5th yr. They are both v happy there and and teachers good. My youngest is quiet but she has really come out of her shell in Maryfield so its thumbs up from me. They both have friends in Dominicans and from what they say its a good school too. Basically I feel the two schools r v evenly matched but maybe contact both schools about their open evenings and bring your daughters for a look round.

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19/03/2014 16:09 - School Specific
Hi anyone any update on this school. Which would you recommend Maryfield or Dominican Dublin 9. Any advice appreciated.

dominicans griffith ave           reply
28/02/2008 20:26 - School Specific
hi. anyone have a daughter at this school? new principal there now, is she any good?
have heard mixed reviews; my daughter starting in sept, she´s fairly quiet & is a bit nervous as she´s heard some negative stuff.
any opinions?

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