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help with fetac level 5 childcare

help with fetac level 5 childcare           reply
18/06/2014 11:06 - Miscellaneous (Locality: Dublin North)
Hi,i was wandering if anyone could give me some help regarding fetac level 5 in childcare,i have just started the course and im on the communications module,
i done fetac level 6 a few years back,so i didnt think it would be this difficult so any help anyone give me please...
any drafts,tips etc..
Many thanks

re : help with fetac level 5 childcare           reply
05/12/2017 10:46 - Miscellaneous
Hi I saw your post. My tip would be get your assignments done on time. Try and do them as you get them, as its very hard to catch up if they are all left. Use as many websites as you can to find out information on your topics and always save save save. I´m talking from experience. I hope this helps. Thanks Caroline

re... : help with fetac level 5 childcare           reply
06/12/2017 02:46 - Miscellaneous
Hi thank you for taking the time to share your support, encouragement and advice have been extrmemly helpful.
thanks VIVIAN

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