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hours/costs etc

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18/11/2015 11:32 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
The child will move on to an afterschool rate only!
Price local afterschool services if any and see what rate they charging! I´v seen some charging as low as €10 a day for as many hours before and after required on a pay as they use!
I´v priced enquiries at cming rates but have never had any school kids due to it and prices parents mentioned not feasible as my car a saloon so I mind preschoolers only. There are no regulations for school kids so if a person had recommended most 8 kids at €10 a day...€80! Where they make serious money is holiday time when theyv 8 kids off school!

hours/costs etc           reply
17/11/2015 21:07 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi ladies,
Just a query
1. What do you charge when child starts primary school.... boy currently going to playschool on ECCE yr and Im paid while hes in playschool but Im wondering what happens in Sept. I will be collecting him at 2pm but not dropping him there in the morning. I am currently collecting him from playschool and charging fuel one way.

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