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how much

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03/12/2011 13:16 - Ask Mother Hen
depends on area,minimum wage, through the books for 40 hours would be on par with childcare centres, for most of ireland. I you require someone with experience driving skills, car etc you may want to pay more for the better person, their are alot of equally capable people without level 5 who have or are been pushed out of jobs use to the qualification requirement from sept 2012 however as the cost of living is so high they too would need min wage unless they are on a benefit in which case your on a rocky rd should anything go wrong. Do remember a childminder in your home means you are an employer with all the legislation protecting the employee.
Good Luck with your choice and search. G

how much           reply
02/12/2011 17:51 - Ask Mother Hen
how much to hire a fetec level 5 childcare minder to mind my 4 childern

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