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how much study time for 5th yr?

re... : how much study time for 5th yr?           reply
06/02/2007 21:06 - Homework
Thanks for the feedback guys. Proved useful in my chat with him. Think we have sorted out a more agreeable regime from both our points of view.

how much study time for 5th yr?           reply
11/01/2007 21:26 - Homework
I know there is know exact formula but how much time should I be encouraging my son, 5th yr in secondary, to be spending on his homework/study. At the moment he only spends about 1.5 hrs most evenings. He gets his homework done but we argue as I feel he should be doing some study over and above his homework. He says there is time enough for that in sixth year - is he right?

re : how much study time for 5th yr?           reply
20/01/2007 09:47 - Homework
Hi cork mum, this is always a tricky situation. Homework is fine but when it comes to fifth year revision of previous work completed must be a consideration. Therefore one and half hours of homework followed by one or one and a bit of revision work on other subjects would be a minimum requirement. This idea that it will improve in sixth year is misleading. It will get harder to discipline oneself to do three hours next year from only doing one and half hours this year. Encourage your son to do a little more and gradually build it up. Chat about it with him explain why it is necessary for him to do some preparation for the leaving now and not leave it all till next year. Effectively the work he is doing now is preparation for the that exam and any work done now will benefit him enormously next year and will relieve pressure and anxiety when it comes to mocks etc in sixth year. Also seek some guidance from his teachers maybe they can also help to encourage him to do a little more. Hope this helps.

re : how much study time for 5th yr?           reply
17/01/2007 20:30 - Homework
My son, also 5th year does about 2.5 hours which I think would be nearer the average. That said it does depend on how your son is doing overall in school. Feedback from his teachers at his parent teacher meeting would give you some good feedback as to whether he is hitting the mark or not.

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