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how much to charge for 2children.

how much to charge for 2children.           reply
16/07/2017 02:37 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi. I need some advice. I´ve been asked to take Care of two children in my own home 3 days per week. 8-6. There will be a school drop off and pick up in September for one of the children then later in the year the younger child will attend Montessori. I will be supplying meals. My question is how much do I charge now and how much when I have the school run and how much when I´ve the school and Montessori run ( it will be 6 runs there and back)
Do I mention what happens if the parents are on holidays and they won´t need me and should I mention bank holidays. I am new to this so any information would be very helpful.

re : how much to charge for 2children.           reply
16/07/2017 09:58 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
As your new the first thing you should do is look at insurance... Both for actually childminding (free on your house insurance or look at Kidd Insurance for a group scheme) and your car especially as youv school runs and will be quickly identified as a childminder. Have you a first aid course done. Minding kids carries a great responsibly.
As for rates alot hinges on what you offer and also your area. Contact your county childcare committee and ask them as they are aware from local childminders what the going rate is. Have a read Childminding Irelands website also. Food costs is a huge expense, alot registered childminders don´t offer food. School runs are approx €3 charge but if youv a long drive you need calculate it properly. Fact you are only part-time days majority would charge more as you´ll never find work on other days. Its approx €5 an hr per child in an insured childminder setting. Bank hols etc are your own business whether you charge or not.
I know childminders who if they sat down and looked at their expenses they making very little or just breaking even. Alot childminders not charging correctly are over ratio meaning too many kids on a low rate.
Have parents given you any hints around payment?

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