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how to help your child scoialise in school

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01/04/2009 19:37 - Ask Mother Hen
I really think that you need to talk to the teacher again. The change in her behaviour seems to be linked to school and if she is not in any group, then she must feel very lonely during break times and so on. If the teacher is newly qualified, then the principle should be able to help. Either way, this has to be sorted as quickly as possible. In the meantime, try talking to your daughter about what she likes about school and gently, move the conversation on to ask what she doesn’t like. Ask her to tell you who is in her class, what they are like - start with simple questions like what colour hair do they have, are they tall, what does she like about them, what does she dislike about them. You may be able to identify who may be causing issues for your daughter and with the help of the school, sort the situation out. In the meantime, give your daughter lots of attention and hugs – if she feels lonely or isolated then this will help!

how to help your child scoialise in school           reply
31/03/2009 15:27 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Wexford)
I am a worried mother. My daughter is in Junior Infants and until recently seemed to be getting on ok. However she has become cross at home with her temper tantrums returning and her teacher has expressed concerns that she is not mixing in the playground. Her class seem to have formed clicks and she is not in any. It is obviously affecting her behaviour and it makes me feel quite sad that she has no friends. Her teacher is only newly qualified and dosn´t know what to suggest. Please help!

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