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new service setting up

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10/06/2016 18:01 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Yes, you need contact your house insurance and see where they at with you childminding, some cover two children free and may add on others. Childminding Ireland also offer a childminding tailored policy, €155 but this proves very awkward for most house insurance companies so many will simply not quote when youve this external insurance policy so your limited to few companies who realise theyv you cornered and so can overquote. Car insurance is the expensive part as you´ll need class II and again theyv you cornered. It´s most important to be covered as this only way you´re seen as professional, plus vital to cover yourself/have your childminded kids covered. It´s very risky for all if uninsured environment especially in the car.
Rates you set yourself, draw up a contract your happy your county childcare committe and they´ll send a pack and you´ll have a visit to advise what you need do housewise/paperwork. Ring revenue, they are very helpful.
I find parents arent too interested in qualifications etc but are delighted/wish to start with a professional set up/planned activities/trips etc as much as your family home can offer.
Childminding is very hands on and fact you´ve four kids, one only one yrs old, might be something youv to work around as parents choose quality insured childminders ie pay good rates for invididual attention. First question I´m normally asked is how many kids I have on my books/own kids(I only have one fulltimer at a time for their sake but also my own/my kids). It a tricky situation asking your kids share their home/mum with other kids.

new service setting up           reply
10/06/2016 11:22 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Dublin West)
I am a mother of 4 children aged 9, 6, 4 and 1. From September 2016 my older three children with attend primary school in Lucan from 8.50-1.30 and 2.30 daily.
As well as an experienced mother, I am a Primary School teacher with 13 years experience teaching children aged 4-12 years. Prior to primary school teaching, I enjoyed working as a montessori teacher.
I am currently on extended career break to care for my own children and offer a childminding and afterschool service in my own home. Until 1.30 daily it is myself and my 1 year old at home, so I am looking for a toddler to mind during this time. In the afternoons I would be offering afterschool care which includes pick up from school (either 1.30 or 2.30), supervised homework session and dinner. I have a clean full driver’s licence with 12 years driving experience including no accidents or claims. Would my current car insurance, Home insurance have to change? How do childminders factor in Food/ dinner, snacks? unless child´s own lunch is provided. Is pick up cost calculated per km or other way-sorry for all the questions but I am trying to foresee any issues before they arise, thank you for any helpful advice

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