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"normal" writing standard for 4 and a hlf year old

re : "normal" writing standard for 4 and a hlf year old           reply
13/02/2007 20:43 - Homework
Hi Sandy
Presumably at 4.5 yrs your daughter is only in jnr infants so I wouldn´t be too worried unless the teacher is specifically saying there is reason for concern. My son was in jnr infants last year and struggled a lot with pencil control and concentration. The teacher recommended exercises such as cutting out shapes to strengthen finger control and lots of colouring to help in learning to keep inside the lines. You might also consider buying flash cards to help her with word recognition and my lad really enjoyed buying and working with me on the Letterland magazines which you can get in a lot of newsagents. He´s in senior infants now and his reading is fine. Still not a great writer but getting better and his concentration has improved. I wouldn´t over worry yet but keep in touch with her teacher for feedback.

"normal" writing standard for 4 and a hlf year old           reply
13/02/2007 15:25 - Homework
My daughter is 4 and a half but is struggling in school when it comes to writing and reading. Her teacher has expressed concern with her phonetics and if I show her a letter she looks at it blankly. If i show her the word "the" she will say it says "sausages". She just cant concentrate on it. Even with her writing she cant stay between the lines even when we go slow and she really tries. Has anyone else had this problem or am I over reacting?Am getting worried now at this stage about it. Any advice?

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