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party ideas for 11 year old girl

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05/05/2007 12:19 - Childrens Health
Let them create a ´birthday scrapbook´ for your daughter.

You will need: the scrapbook, fancy scissors, plenty of colourful paper, stickers, pictures of all the girls (they can all bring some along to surprise her), glue sticks, glitter, etc. Tesco and the pound shops are great for supplies.

Just leave the girls to have fun decorating the pages, writing silly poems, putting captions with pics etc, the kitchen table is a great place to have it as they can make a mess that´s easy to clean and have all their party food to hand and have music on to sing along to.

Maybe have pizza delivered for them and have a chocolate fondue set for dessert, they love to try dipping things like pringles, popcorn, marshmallows etc.

I know at that age my daughter loved having a party that had no real structure to it and needed little supervision (or so she thought!) which made them all feel more grown up.

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04/05/2007 13:11 - Childrens Health
Was reading a thread somewhere else recently (unfortunately can´t remember where) along similar lines and one of the suggestions was a home cooking party where someone came in, brought all the ingredients, aprons etc and did some fun cooking - menu agreed in advance. Sounded like it was a big hit with the girls and the mum hired out a few DVD movies for them to choose from after the cooking. Sorry I can´t tell you who they used - maybe if you contacted some of the people listed for cookery parties on the Birthday section of this website you might source someone. Good luck with the party.

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06/05/2007 20:03 - Childrens Health
A good Idea for 11 year old girls is to have a nail party. I do Nail parties, and they have been very sucessfull so far. I have girls around the same age so came up with the idea for their parties. Call me on 087 9173100 for infomation.

party ideas for 11 year old girl           reply
03/05/2007 15:56 - Childrens Health
My daughter is 11 in 2 weeks and having her party at home with 8 girls. Any new ideas around for someone to come to the house or has anyone done a theme party themself at home.

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06/02/2010 22:16 - Childrens Health
Hi grainne , just wondering are u still doing Nail parties ?? I am based in dublin ... My daughter is nine this month she would just love a nail party ..let me know ??

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