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problems with paying wages

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09/05/2015 05:25 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Omg, that´s "stupid" of them, sure they have to pay eventually...I simply couldn´t tolerate this if happening on a regular basis..It´s hard to say anything but iv my week broken down into the 5 days from the start so no misunderstandings...sometimes I hav my money calculated on a piece paper, if I owe them money theyv overpaid or it was a bank hol as I don´t charge them...are you charging for extra hours, you invoice them for extra hours over the weekly rate n let them pay next week, messy I know... I know a cmer who gets paid in advance wages plus extra, then she refunds at end of week...

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10/05/2015 00:24 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
i think i will be handing in my notice very soon its not worth it.and its a very stressfull job i know childminding can be stressfull but this is major stressfull

problems with paying wages           reply
09/05/2015 00:34 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
does anyone have or had any problem with having to chase parents for their wages.or not been paid the right amount for the hours worked im sick of are taking care of someones child and at the end of the week i either have to chase them for the wages or they try to leave me short by about 30 or 40 euro.not all parents are like that but there is some who will do it

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09/05/2015 05:39 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Just reread your post, it´s early lol, I´d afraid if my family, theyd be getting notice, I can´t imagine chasing wages, life´s too short,... I thought it was more an issue of them not being good at simple maths...The only issue iv ever had is a lady who chanced late collections so one 4.10pm I´d my car loaded, gate closed n waiting on road, quickest hand over ever, I was v cross saying iv a life etc n sped of down the road, I was really ticked as I knew this mum home at 3pm so why she not collect on time n it never happened again...Hav it out with them ASAP and let them pull up their socks, you could say youv to bank your money weekly from now on, although I wouldn´t bother excusing why you need your money on a Friday eve...

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