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rates/costings           reply
23/06/2016 23:05 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi all,
I begin child minding this September, with August being a settling in period for 2 children in my care-I plan to have one montessori pick up at 12/12.30 until 6/6.30 and an afterschool pickup at 1.30/2.30 until 6/6.30, including homework help. Monday-Friday. What do you charge if the children are on school holiday and parents want more minding? Or less? i.e when children are off school due to closures and parents do not need childminder?
I will provide dinner for both children, considering I want to factor in costs such as in an increase in motor insurance, any idea what I should charge? what other costs do you factor in? Do you organise direct debit or what? TIA

re : rates/costings           reply
24/06/2016 06:25 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Generally it´s pay for what they booked, a school closed should not affect your weekly rate, it´s parents decision not to use you. Extra hours means more of the rate you agreed.
Parents often look for pay as you use, it´s a personal decision whether you offer it, if you think you´ll feel used when family text they don´t need you and your down money it´s not for you. I would never take a full time child on on a pay as you go, it´s too messy. If a parttimer child was missing more than here, I´d discuss minimum hours/higher rate per hour.
When I started I read every post here and, through ccc you´ll meet other minders, see how they work things. Best of luck.

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