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16/06/2008 20:00 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Hi. Just reading ur question. Carlow has a lot of great schools- Im a teacher!!
Mixed schools include Killeshin N.S.- small enough in the country side, good school, Graiguecullen school- v.good school, on the suburbs, Tinryland-good school, countryside, Benekerry- good also, countryside. Bishop Foley is in the town-v.good school-boys only, Askea boys school in the town-mixed reviews.
But in my opinion all of the schools are very good- it just depends on how well your son will adjust and adapt. It is unfair for people to say this school is better than an other cos it often is not the case- hey usually are listening to gossip from a parent with a bad experience cos they probably have a disruptive child!
Good luck with finding a school. There are plenty to choose from and so many new yong, enthusiastic teachers in Carlow at the moment

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04/04/2008 15:26 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
I was just thinking of emailing you to say the same thing as well. WOW. I think I can help you somehow. I´ve managed to call a friend of a friend and gave her my number to call me with such information. However someone replied my message with this information.

"asked Carlow mate, her take;

St Fiaccs is mixed, in Graigcullen, technically Laois, but really in the town.

Bishop Foley goes from 2nd up, boys only.

Aska boys is in town too, girls next door.

Gaelscoil has excellent name(hers are there) but has long waiting lists and won´t take children of that age unless they come from a Gaelscoil

Bennykerry (sp) is on the edge of the town, but is v cramped, they were due a new school but have been put down the list she says.

Killeshin is just out the road from St Fiaccs, mixed, good name."

I´ll let you know more when i get this call. However, i got the list of all the schools in carlow form this site, called them to send out forms to me to fill while waiting becos i understand that most places might be full so the earlier the better.

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03/04/2008 17:32 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Hi there,
I just saw your question which was posted a while ago. I am also looking for a school for my 10 year old son, and are considering Carlow as family are reasonably close by, we are moving back from the States. Can you give me any information you have found out since then? I see it´s sometimes hard to get responses to particular questions on this site. Anything at all would help.
Thanks a lot.

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08/04/2008 21:43 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Thanks Ivory for the imput. Sounds like a nightmare trying to get kids into a decent school there. I am expanding my horizons a little bit and also checking out a few areas of Wexford.
Good luck with your search.

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01/04/2008 13:45 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Hi All, moving to Carlow shortly and we are looking to enrole our sons (9 and 11yrs old) into a city primary school. We have done a bit of checking and we currently are down to 3 possibles - we are looking at: Bishop foleys, St.fiaccs Killeshin ( not sure where this one is? - was told its in town)
We would appreciate if anyone had any recommendations based on their experiences with any of these schools. We would like somewhere which would include sport eg football as part of their curriculum and even better if there is after school homework club.

Many thanks in advance

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