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28/02/2015 08:27 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi, I equate it with if one is pricing a kitchen, say go to all shops and independent carpenters for ideas and pricing...they all give time n effort n design..only one will be chosen, does one go back to them all n say sorry we going with´s the same with any service...
The only time im annoyed is when I actually meet someone n it´s clear from outset they thought they´d get foot in the door and negotiations could begin all over...I once had couple at my table and wife crying 😢 for her two kids to come here, it was the difference of a fiver a day but this was terrible situation to find myself refusing it, couldn´t get them up off the table....

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01/03/2015 19:34 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
God i wish i had people crying for me to take their kids finding it very hard at the mo lost 2 sisters 5 nd 15mnts 2 weeks back because they got offered a place in creche after i had turned down another job because i was minding them

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28/02/2015 00:49 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Why do people feel its ok to not even bother replying to you when you have inquired about a job, how long does it take to write a couple of words, i would always reply to anyone that makes a query but i´ve sent many a pm over the last couple of week and could count on one hand the amount of times people have written back. Please posters send a short message back to people that answer your add even if they are not suitable for your needs. Thank you

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