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school phobia

school phobia           reply
23/09/2006 14:32 - Childrens Health
my 10 year daughter has started 5th class with a new teacher. She was fine for the first two weeks but since last week has been very sad and emotional going to school. She was off 2 days with tummy ache and feeling sick but I now realise she did not want to go to school. She says she is not managing maths and irish and cannot do the homework. I have talked to the teacher who is very good and will encourage her, she has seen the gp to outrule any medical problem. She cannot eat in the mornings and looks so sad, its breaking my heart. We have talked and I have told her we will help and that all these feelings are anxiety. Any words of wisdom

re : school phobia           reply
24/09/2006 12:38 - Childrens Health
I had exactly the same experience with my son starting secondary, and basically it is anxiety about facing ´new´ situations, and 6th class is the year when they beign to face more ´grownup´ challanges, and my son, starting secondary brought up anxiety about possibly not being able to cope, and brought about a crisis of confidence, when he is usually a very confident boy. I found that by staying supportive, encourageing, and offering understanding, also acknowledgement of his feelings,and also reminding him that feelings pass, and that he was only adjusting to something new, and that his reaction was perfectly understandable, but also explaining that staying home, is not the answer, but to face it, and work through it. In a matter of three weeks he began to calm down, and now no longer feels sick, or very upset, though he still worries a little about performing well, and coping. When he realised that it was passing, and that he was feeling better as time went on, it made a huge differnce, lots of encouragement, and explaining how understandable such feelings are, seemed to do wonders, and I hope my experience is of help to you...

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