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so far behind in irish

so far behind in irish           reply
10/09/2008 12:07 - Miscellaneous
when we moved to ireland my son started primary school in 4th class, for all of 4th and 5th he was left to his own devices when it ame to learning irish. one teacher even admitted she didnt bother with him to much! the rest of the family have no irish so were unable to help him.

he has just started secondary and is so far behind it is really starting to upset him, the school has said as he started in 4th class he is ineligible for an exemption.

is there anything i can do about this as i would hate this to affect the rest of his schoolwork.

re : so far behind in irish           reply
23/09/2008 14:33 - Miscellaneous
Would you be willing to get grinds? Whereabouts are you based?

re... : so far behind in irish           reply
19/11/2009 19:00 - Miscellaneous
Also would you consider this book for him, its got a cd for him to hear the Irish and the two of ye to practice together.

Some areas he will know really well others maybe not.

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