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starting school while not 4 yet

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06/05/2008 09:30 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
i´m convinced that once he would have spent 3 years in a creche/montessori in full-time basis, he´ll be enough ready for school. He goes to the creche since last sept and he enjoys it. Besides i have the example of his elder sister who went to school at 4 and couldn´t wait for it.. of course girls are different in this regards.
Now the childminding fees issue is precisely one of my problems. Surely every parent is aware of the huge cost and being a foreign person without any family around doesn´t help.

re : starting school while not 4 yet           reply
05/05/2008 17:42 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
It shouldn´t be the fact of losing out on a year of child minding fees that determines whether you send your child to school or not. It should be measured on the child´s readiness or maturity for school. All too often, parents are too eager to send the children to school when they are not ready, which only leads to problems not only in primary school but later on when they are sitting the leaving cert at a young age. However, I have several children in my class who turned 8 in September so these obviously started school when they were 4 almost five. I would say that a school would more than likely accept him, particularly if they were low on numbers.

starting school while not 4 yet           reply
16/04/2008 10:41 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
some schools require a child to be 4 in april or may for him/her to be able to go to school the following september. my son is only 1 now but he is born mid of september, does that mean that he will be able to attend a national school only when he´s 5 (almost 6)? which means he will be ´´loosing´´ a year and which means another full year of childminding fees to spend for me?... Does anyone know a school where i´ll be able to put my son in? Thanks a lot

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