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teachers behaviour

teachers behaviour           reply
09/01/2016 23:03 - Behaviour / Discipline
Hi, im looking for advice. A teacher in my childs school, took him into a classroom, removed his jumper,shirt. Wanted him to tie his buttons in shirt again..he couldnt so she tied buttons for him and he put on his jumper. (Child is 5). Does the teacher not have to tell me that she is going doing this? Is this common practise? My child was upset about it. There was another adult present in the room. She told me when i approached her that she was checking hos motor skills.again do i have to be asked? Or notified first?.

re : teachers behaviour           reply
02/03/2016 15:31 - Behaviour / Discipline
Hi Daisy, It is an accepted practice to embarrass a child in order to check motor skills. There are a number of alternative tasks available for checking kinesthetics. You speak to the teacher if he/she repeats again.

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