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what is light house work??

re : what is light house work??           reply
24/02/2015 17:19 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi is this your first job as a the mum n dad working or are you employed on the basis of a mothers help...not that that matter if ´light housework´ is mentioned in the interview..iv read light housework means cleaning n tidying as you go after the children or better yet ensure children clean up after themselves....r they registered as your employer, although perhaps they dont have to as 16hrs a week only...youd need to check yourself, you can enquire discreetly....
Id wait till friday eve after youv got your pay and then say you wish to evaluate things, if you havent confidence to bring it out directly, you could always say the cleaning gets in way of you making most of your time interacting, playing, getting fresh air etc but this gives parent very easy chance to say not all and nothing changes...
others will hopefully offer their advice based on experiences as I work from home n never get up to my bedrooms, bathrooms, make my dinner etc when toddlers in my house as it should be..the family taking advantage of you n unfort as iv learnt myself if you act like a doormat, some will walk all you...also to consider is if things turn nasty when u mention it can you afford to lose your job, you could look for work n simply give of luck with it all...

re... : what is light house work??           reply
25/02/2015 12:03 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
i have been there before and it is a are expected to fully clean the house do the familys laundry and cook a meal for the whole family.all while trying to look after kids i bet you got no thanks for it.i have just recently ended my time with a difficult family.i did after school and when i got to the house with the kids in tow.the place looked like a bomb hit it every room.that was everyday.i think they thought oh well the minder can clean it up.on top of that the kids were uncontrollable and ran riot around the got to the stage where i left the house the way i found it.after a couple of days the parents said they dident like coming home to a dirty house and that i was not doing my job.i responded by saying i was the childminder not the cleaner nor was i a cook or laundry maid for the job i get light cleaning will mean load the dishwasher and make sure the kids clean up after themselves.i will make a point of putting certain things in my contract regarding cleaning and cooking.

what is light house work??           reply
24/02/2015 16:39 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi just looking for some advice... I took up minding a child in September after replying to an ad that was looking for a childminder and light house duties. It seems to me that the lady I work for is treating me more like a cleaner than a childminder as I am cleaning all the time and not just light housework. I receive 10e an hour and do 4hours a day 4 days a week. Do you think this is fair? be great for some advice x

re... : what is light house work??           reply
24/02/2015 17:27 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Thank you for your reply much appreciated. I do feel taken advantage of and it is very very difficult to approach the subject with the parents. I do all house work cleaning and ironing and never get any time to play with little one at all. I do need the money but is it worth feeling like this and not enjoying what I do .

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