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worried mom

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24/09/2006 13:36 - Childrens Health
My son also has moments of uncontrollable anger, and i think it is all part of the developing ´male´ and with ever increasing testosterone hormone levels, its to be expected. Sport is a great way to channel the new emotions which also scare the child as they emerge, and also a zero tolerance of anger being directed at anyone or thing in a negative way, as it is during the next few years that he has to learn to control his anger and frustration, with increasing maturity. He probably feels down because his emotions seem to be rejected? You could explain that you accept he feels strongly, and can understand his anger/frustration, but that some ways of expressing it are not acceptable, and tell him why. Get him to talk about his frustration whenever possible, and make sure he has no role model that is teaching him that reacting angrily, is a first choice. Looking at how you express your own anger, can also help...Best of luck, one day, with your help, you will see a male who thinks before he lashes out, and that you care so much, should give you that outcome...

worried mom           reply
04/09/2006 22:54 - Childrens Health
one of my sons (12 years) worries a good bit. He´s also a bit of a perfectionist and gets overly irritable and angry with things that shouldn´t bother him e.g. some younger brother behaviour! When we discipline him because of his angry outbursts he feels we are unfair and that the world and its mother is against him, causing him to become low. If anyone has any experience and success of helping their kid overcome over anxiety\\worry like this I would like to hear. Thanks

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