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years at this job and still dnt have a clue what to charge...HELP

years at this job and still dnt have a clue what to charge...HELP           reply
12/05/2013 23:07 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I am looking for advice on what i should charge. I live in Westmeath, I am fetac level 6 qualified and have years of experience so you would think i would know but i actually dont. I have been ripped off by parents and i have felt unappreciated by them. so here is what i offer

I have a playroom full of toys, books, games and furniture etc. i am fully qualified, garda vetted, have up to date first aid done. I have a big garden with chickens for children to experience collecting eggs and changing their bedding. i have a vegetable patch especially for them to grow pumpkins for winter and sun flowers for summer. I can do school runs as i have a full clean drivers licence. I also have childminders insurance and i am registered with childminding Ireland.

So over the years i have been charging €50 for two children not school going.
i had quoted €60 for 2 toddlers who i minded for 12 hours a day starting at 6:30 am but it was so difficult and tiring and they could only pay me €50 per day but i had to give it up it was very stressful those hours.
Now for school going children i would charge the same as i have made myself available if they have to be collected from school if they are sick or injured etc., but i wouldnt charge extra for holidays or midterms. I don´t get paid for any days off i need but do charge for any days if parents take off.

I think i offer a lot and the children are treated with the utmost love and care while i have them. I think i should put my prices up as i am feeling a but under valued. I am too soft at times too and let them away with things.

Once a parent rang me from their holidays and asked me to go to theirs and clean up as they left in a hurry and their mother was arriving to mind the house. i was disgusted as i trained as childminder not a cleaner. I did go and clean as i use to mind the children in their home at that stage. I think they thought because i was getting paid anyway while they were on holidays i should do something, so i was afraid i would lose my job so i did it.. was that wrong do you think or do you think i should of done it? i have had a mix of answers from family about it.

Any help would be great as i do love the job im doing but i do have a mortgage and bills as well. I want to be fair to the parents but also myself.

re... : years at this job and still dnt have a clue what to charge...HELP           reply
14/05/2013 09:04 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
they have some neck.asking u to clean there should have charged the cleaners rate for that.ive found a couple of times that parents ask for more and starts with small things like could u take in the washing.could u do a wash and hang it out .could i pick up a few things at the shop.which turns out to be a full shop.ive always left the house clean.but the child told mam was mad about the mess left.what happens after i leave is not my problem.they volunteered me to drop there son and his friend to a party.and said i would have to wait for them.which was past my finishing time.i wouldent mind.but the mother of the other child has a car.why did she not take them.they dident even offer the petrol money to cover it.i also had problems with the child wanting a treat every day.i told him he would get 1 on a thursday.that wasent enough though.he wanted it everyday.the parents arnt leaving any money if the ice cream van left dealing with a child.who constantly wants treats bought for him.i know the parents dont do that everyday.the way it were not there personal cleaners cooks or what ever else they decide that they want.barr minding the child.people should be happy with getting a good minder for the kids.and not take advantage of not tarring every parent with the same brush.this is just my experience of a past job

re... : years at this job and still dnt have a clue what to charge...HELP           reply
13/05/2013 14:44 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
That sound great. please do send me on the agencies be worth a look alright.
Thank you

re : years at this job and still dnt have a clue what to charge...HELP           reply
13/05/2013 14:37 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi Lisa,
I have never childminded before but I am a Full-time Nanny. I work 40 hours per week and I am Paid 500 net per week. I care for one child. No household duties. I have Fetac level 6 also and First aid. I do not drive(a great advantaged for you)
Here´s my advice;
(A) Leave childminding and become a nanny. Pm me for agencies to sign up with.
(B) If you wanna stay childminding(sounds like a lovely setting you have) Charge 5 euro per child per hour. 8 euro for two. I am to believe you can have up to five.
(C) Do up contracts. A written agreement of hours, your duties, what you will provide and your rates. Plus anything else you feel you want your parents to know.(late fee´s, early hrs etc)
(D) And stick to it! Thats the hard part but before you know it they will have you doing everything.
I am finishing my current position end of this month, and have already found a new family.
There are plenty of families out there who respect their minders and would give their left arm for someone with your skills and devotion. I wish you all the luck.
Kind regards

re : years at this job and still dnt have a clue what to charge...HELP           reply
19/05/2013 13:09 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Lisa it sounds like you are too good and being taken advantage of, I would defo look in to nannying. You would be doing the similar hours but would be getting properly paid.
Best of luck,

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