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Find some great apps to play with the kids and teens that you can have fun playing too!

Summer should be all about relaxation and fun but between travelling by car, rail or plane or simply by being stuck indoors on a wet day, the Summer can quickly become a torment...especially with kids around! Here are some fun summer apps to keep the kids distracted on slow days this Summer!

Subway Surfers

A great app for the whole family, with simple controls and a friendly competitive nature. Dodge and duck through busy city streets across the world with this free and colourful app! With customisable characters, different worlds and consistent special events, there is something here for everyone. Try to get the Highest score out the Family!

Hopster: Coding Safari

This game will engage young children in computational thinking - the fundamental techniques needed to understand coding - without them realising they are learning. It will ignite their passion for puzzles & problem-solving all while playing a fun game with animals. Help the Tiger get back to her den, get the Penguin back to its Antarctic Ice Hole. Here, play is at the heart of learning to code. 

BrainPOP Featured Movie

Help kids understand their world with BrainPOP Featured Movie app. Their animated movies engage via narrative, humor, and characters who speak in a voice kids can relate to, encouraging self-directed learning and further exploration of the world around them.

Piano Tiles

This game is seriously addictive for both kids and adults! Tap the tiles to keep the tune going, if you tap the wrong place then the song is over. As you keep going, the tunes get faster and more complex causing hours of musical fun.

Reverse Charades

Okay, so I mentioned charades already, but did I mention reverse charades!? Charades with a twist whereby a team acts out a word (rather than one person ) under a stopclock. Fast paced and a lot of fun with families.