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Guide to buying the all important communion dress

Buying a Holy Communion dress is not always the easiest of tasks. Sometimes we get lucky and find the perfect dress at the beginning of our search. However, more often than not, it takes a little more work to find a dress that will please both you and the little one! Most little girls love to dress up, and will therefore want to look perfect on their Communion day.

So as to ensure everything goes to plan, it is important to get yourself and your little girl prepared for the occasion. While running around the shops looking for a dress may seem like a chore, it doesn't have to be - We are here to make the task a little bit easier. Here is our guide to buying the all important communion dress:

  • Give yourself plenty of time - Don’t leave yourself too late to start looking around for a dress. As communion dresses tend to only be available for a select period of time, the longer you leave it to begin your search, the less choice you will be left with at the end.

  • Shop around - Go to a variety of different shops with your daughter so as you both get to know what is on offer. Styles will vary from shop to shop, as well as prices. Don’t rush into anything too soon - especially if the price of the dress is high.

  • Look at different styles - Pick out some different styles for your little one to try on. Often a dress will look very different once it’s off the hanger. If a dress is too expensive, you can take note of it and look for one of a similar style.

  • You may need to make an appointment - If you are considering going to a specialist communion dress shop, you may need to book an appointment. Keep this in mind when you are planning your trip. The last thing you want is to be turned away at the door.

  • Consider buying online-
    Consider shopping online for a communion dress. You may find that prices are more reasonable on online stores. However, always be sure to check the shops return policy. If you are buying off Ebay or a similar site, make sure to check for the sellers rating as well as any details such as dress size and colour.

  • Remember that the dress doesn’t have to be new- It is perfectly acceptable to wear a sibling or a friend’s dress. Dresses can be altered and made unique by adding bows, ribbons or lace. As communion dresses are usually only worn once, it is a great idea to put an old dress to use once again, allowing you to avoid spending unnecessary money on an expensive new dress.

  • Make no promises - Shopping with young kids can be difficult. Once a child gets an idea into their mind, it is often hard to encourage them to move on. Try not to make any promises over dresses. Begin your search explaining that the two of you are simply looking and not buying yet. This will make it much easier for you to say no, and hopefully avoid having to deal with any temper tantrums on the shop floor!

  • Make sure the little one is happy -
    Most importantly, make sure your child is happy with her dress. Once your little one is happy, and the dress is practical for the occasion, your task is complete! Making sure she feels confident and happy in what she is wearing is incredibly important in ensuring the day goes to plan.

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