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Boys Communion Outfits & Suits

Do you have a little man preparing for their First Holy Communion this school year? We have lots of resources in our Communion Section on to help you with the preparation for this important sacrament. One of the elements of this important day is to find an outfit that you and your son will love for the occasion. We have put together some resources below to help you.

When to buy

Unlike Communion Dresses, which are usually only available seasonally, Boys Communions outfits are usually available all year round as very often, similar clothing is purchased for weddings or special events. Savvy shoppers may opt to purchase around christmas time in the sales when some good value outfits might be available. However, there may be a wider selection available in the period prior to Communion celebrations from February to May but not usually at sale prices.

Types of Outfit

Options for boys can vary quite a bit. Some may opt for a more formal dress pants with a dress shirt and tie. Others will opt for a boy's communion suit which is like a minature version of a man's suit. Many will go for a more casual look of slacks and a shirt or khakis and a polo shirt and some may opt to wear the school uniform. Your purchase will be influenced by budget and also whether you hope to get further wears out of the purchase.

Where to buy

As with Communion Dressess, there are lots of online and in-store options for boys communion outfits . If you are buying online, make sure you leave plenty of time for returns in case the outfit doesn't fit or has to come a long distance. If you are purchasing a 'suit type' outfit for your son, either instore or online, make sure to have carefully taken you son's measurements beforehand to ensure you get the correct fit.

Many of the big stores such as Dunnes Stores and Marks & Spencers will have Communion Suits in store from around February/March. A lot of the smaller specialist stores like The Sisters below, will have a wider, more unique selection and will often offer alteration services.

The Sisters
Parents need look no further than The Sisters for all your Communion and Christening needs, which boasts the largest selection of Communion wear for these occasions in the Capital.. We carry a full range of beautiful shoes, plus all accessories.
Find out more.

Cost Cutting Tip - Recycle!

The Communion suit or dress can sometimes be the most expensive part of any child's Communion day. While there are many beautiful dresses and outfits you would love to buy your child, it is usually a good idea to set a price limit before you enter the shops. Don't rule out visiting charity shops when communion dress shopping. They are full of gorgeous clothes, some with the price tags still attached!

Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to still own the Communion Dress you wore as a child then begin your own tradition and turn it into an heirloom. Remember that it is also perfectly acceptable to re-use outfits which were worn by your child's older siblings.

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