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Party Venue Checklists

Here are some helpful checklists that you can use to run a smooth birthday party and maximise birthday fun for your kids, and all of their friends. These lists cover everything from checking out your venue to planning the party bags, and can help you have a more relaxing day. Whether you are having a big birthday party for the whole class or having a small get together for your child's close friends, these lists will help you get through the day without a hitch


Venue Checklist

1: Parental Opinion

Get feedback from other parents whose children have already had parties.

2: Consider Transportation

Make sure that it will be possible for other parents to transport their kids to/from the venue, and if that's not an option. look into getting special transportation.

3: Contact info

Make sure you get a contact name at the venue when making your booking. Reconfirm you booking with the venue just before you send out the invitations.

4: When contacting the venue make sure you establish:

  • The cost per child, minimum number of children, maximum number of children. Deposit required?
  • Are there any activity restrictions based on the age of the kids.
  • How many adults you are expected to have to supervise or how many supervisors will the venue provide
  • What the party will include, e.g. food options, birthday cake, party bags etc
  • How long is allowed for the party activity and how long for food.
  • Can you decorate the venue?
  • Are there any insurance issues, e.g. if you are hiring a hall.
  • Make sure you get a contact name at the venue when making your booking. Reconfirm you booking with the venue just before you send out the invitations – just to make sure the details of your booking is recorded correctly.

Invitations Checklist

1: Important info

The obvious – make sure it contains your child’s name, date & times (start & finish,) venue address. It is common to put RSVP (regrets only) on the invitations.

2: Venue Invitations

Check with the venue to see if they provide invitations many do and they can be useful in that they often include a map of the location of the venue.

3: Clothing Directions

If particular type clothing should be worn, mention it on the invitation, e.g. many of the activity centres require long trousers, or old clothing for waterfight parties.

4: Who's invited

Make a list with your child of the kids to be invited. If there is more than one child with the same firstname in the class, make sure you have the correct surnames.

5: Who Isn't

If your child is quite young and you haven’t got a class list, check with the teacher or other parents to ensure you are not leaving anyone out.

6: Timing

If pickup times are important, or there is external transport is involved, make sure that your child's invitations politely state the importance of punctuality.

6: Delivery

While most of the time, having your child hand out their birthday invitations can be fun for them, if the party is a smaller party for just a few of the class members it may be a good idea to deliver them through the post to the parents. You can also include a note, stating that the children should not tell their friends. This can help avoid any children feeling left out.

Planning the Party


When choosing the date, try and make sure it doesn’t clash with another child’s party or an important event, e.g. mother’s day, school sports day etc.


If you need additional adult assistance for the party, check out who else might be available to help you on the day. If you are bringing a large group of young children to the cinema or theatre, you will need additional adults to be available to bring them to the toilets etc.

The Food & Party Bags


If the venue are providing these then you don’t need to prepare anything in advance.


If you are providing the food or cake yourself then you need to ensure that you have a way of transporting the food – will there be enough room in the car with the kids you are bringing. Consider whether it would be worth dropping off the food to the venue earlier in the day. Do you need to bring plates or cups – disposable would probably be best. Don’t forget the candles and matches.


Make sure you have sufficient party bags and a few to spare. Put name labels on them and keep them out of sight till the end of the party.

The List

1: Food & Drink
2: Cake, Candles & Matches
3: Party Bags
4: Large sack bags to collect presents
5: Camera & Camcorder
6: Mobile Phone
7: List of guests - check off the kids when they arrive & are collected (if you have a class list with contact phone numbers it can be handy in case you have any unforseen accidents)
8: Kids name tags if not provided by the venue
9: Hankies/Wipes for tears and accidents

On the Day

1: Make sure you get to the venue a little early so that you are there before the guests
2: Make sure all children, partuclarlty the young ones, know where the toilets are the venue and who to come to if they have a problem.
3: Attach name labels to the kids as they arrive
4: If there are any ground rules make sure the kids know them, e.g. kids must remain with adults at all times, etc.
5: Depending on the type of venue/outing you might need to assign groups of kids to particular adults.
6: Count all the kids again at the party food time to ensure all are accounted for! At the end of the party ‘coral’ the children until they are collected.