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Performing Arts and Kids

Performing arts has the ability to provide kids with a wide variety of skills to set them up for life.
Sounds good. However, if your child is shy and lacks self confidence - surely performing arts wouldn't be for them? Contrary to popular belief, introducing these types of children to performing arts could be the best decision parents could make for their kids.

For some kids, confidence comes naturally to them. However, others need more support and encouragement in order to develop into confident individuals. Performing arts classes such as singing, acting and dancing, provide kids with the combination of a safe environment and activities they love, allowing them to gradually come out of their shells.

As performing arts allows kids to contribute ideas and put their own slant on everything they do, it allows them to express their personality, boosting their confidence and self esteem while giving them a greater sense of who they are.

Kids who take performing arts classes benefit from improvements to their abilities in many different areas - stretching far beyond the performing arts.

Benefits include:

  • Performing arts develops creativity; allowing kids to be innovative, imaginative and broad minded. Classes stimulate and challenge the brain, encouraging creativity and expression.

  • Performing arts can help kids to overcome anxieties. By going on stage, giving a successful performance and receiving positive feedback, kids will be provided with reassurance, and as a result will be more likely to believe in themselves into the future.

  • Problem solving skills improve as kids are faced with unexpected situations, and must work out possible solutions. A child on stage will quickly learn to improvise and overcome any mistakes they may have made.

  • Exposure to music allows children to easily access their emotions as they are used to constant changes in feelings and emotions through songs. Kids will be more likely to voice any worries they may have.

  • Doing something they love will give kids a sense of enthusiasm that will shine through, even when they have stepped off the stage.

  • Kids learn how to work in groups. They quickly learn that social interaction and cooperation are key to positive end results, and are vital in any situation. Performing arts promotes working as a team while also encouraging and developing individual talents. Kids will be more confident in themselves and how they interact in groups - an important skill for future life.

  • Performing arts are linked to positive outcomes in school, as kids experience emotional development and behaviour improves. Kids are encouraged to aim higher and overcome obstacles.

  • All of the above benefits will increase a child's feeling of self worth and confidence. During rehearsals, confidence will grow as kids see their skills improving. Accomplishing tasks and overcoming obstacles will boost self esteem as kids begin to believe in themselves.

While there are great advantages to introducing your kids to performing arts, make sure to remember that not everyone will be suited to it, and sometimes another approach must be taken to help kids improve their self confidence and self esteem.

Watch how your kids react to classes over time, and decide whether performing arts is the best approach to take.