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Course Ref: SD0220
The FUNdamentally Moving Classroom

1st July – 21st August
20 hours


Have you ever wondered what difference 5 minutes a day can make for your whole school?

During this course you will gain access to a unique school wide programme on physical literacy which not only benefits your pupils’ physical co-ordination and development but also aids academic achievement, sensorimotor development and creative problem-solving skills.

The course examines background research and knowledge surrounding the importance of physical movement within the context of sensorimotor development and physical education. The programme explores the links between P.E. and STEM, explaining how the body works on a musculoskeletal level, with content relating to the strand units ‘Health and Wellbeing’ and ‘Knowing about my Body’ (‘Myself’ strand of the primary SPHE curriculum).

This course would also be of huge benefit to SNAS who could use the programme with their pupils as part of 'brain breaks' from the classroom setting. Although the programme is based on the primary P.E. curriculum it could potentially be implemented in a second level setting especially with children with movement difficulties. 

Course Objectives

On completion of the course participants will have:
  • a greater understanding of the concept of physical literacy and how it can be taught on a daily basis without compromising other curricular areas
  • an awareness of the link between physical activity and academic attainment which will enhance the learning experiences of the pupils and the quality of instruction of the teachers
  • an understanding on how to motivate pupils to function independently and use creative problem-solving techniques
  • an insight into the physical benefits from doing the programme themselves
  • ideas on how to implement a targeted movement programme, on a whole school basis, as part of a school improvement plan within the context of the school self-evaluation process.
  • an increased awareness of the needs of pupils with specific movement disorders and a better understanding on how to meet their needs

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction
1.1 Introduction to the course
1.2 Academic research and background to sensorimotor skills development
1.3 sensorimotor development and academic learning

Module 2: Physical Literacy and the fundamental movement skills
2.1 Physical Literacy
2.2 Fundamental movement skills

Module 3: Equilibrium Movement Programme (EMP) Exercises 1-12 and SSE
3.1 First 12 exercises of the Equilibrium Movement Programme
3.2 Physical literacy -a whole school approach to SSE

Module 4: Equilibrium Movement Programme (EMP) Exercises 13-24 and literacy/numeracy
4.1 Exercises 13-24
4.2 Physical Education and the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills

Module 5: Equilibrium Movement Programme (EMP) Exercises 25-36 and ICT/musculoskeletal system
5.1 Exercises 25-36
5.2 ICT resources to support physical literacy
5.3 The musculoskeletal system

Enrol Now

This course has been approved by the Department of Education & Skills as part of the 2020 Courses programme and will be available to access from 1st July to 21st August 2020. On completion of the course you will receive a CPD Certificate and will qualify for 3 EPV Days. Register your interest on the course if you would like to be advised when the course becomes available for registration.

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