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Course Ref: SD0424
Learning, Mindfulness, Wellness and Fun

1st July– 16th August
20 hours


This online course will explore the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation for both physical and cognitive development of your pupils and provide you with the skills and knowledge to implement the yÓGa4kids programme. 

The course will also integrate yoga teaching and mindfulness into other curricular areas.  At the end of the course you will have a downloadable yÓGa4kids programme to use with your class.
No previous knowledge or experience of yoga practice is required to enjoy this course.

Course Objectives

The Yoga4Kids course will enable you to develop the skills and confidence to teach yoga, mindfulness and meditation to the students in your class thereby contributing to the Wellbeing Framework for Practice in your school

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course you will have gained:
  • a greater understanding of the concept of wellbeing and how it can be taught on a daily basis without compromising other curricular areas
  • an awareness of the link between physical activity and academic attainment which will enhance the learning experiences of the pupils and the quality of instruction of the teachers
  • an understanding of the core and critical role that schools play in the promotion of wellbeing for pupils.
  • an increased skillset in the practical teaching of YOGA movement (poses), meditation and mindfulness and an awareness of the importance of these skills in creating a positive learning environment.
  • physical and wellness benefits from doing the programme
  • ideas on how to implement a targeted movement/wellness programme, on a whole school basis , as part of a school improvement plan within the context of the School Self-Evaluation process.

Course Modules

Module 1 Wellbeing & Yoga.
Participants will have an understanding of:
  • The importance of wellbeing in the school community and the role schools play as centre for the promotion of wellbeing for children
  • The impact of implementating a wellbeing programme on children’s academic performance and their full potential in school
  • A brief synopsis and background information about yoga and its history
Module 2 The Yogic Classroom.
Participants will have:
  • an awareness of the benefits of practicing yoga for teachers and students
  • an awareness regarding research which indicates the beneficial role of yoga in relation to academic performance
  • an awareness of the benefits of mindfulness for children
  • an understanding on how to create a mindful classroom and how to promote mindfulness through their teaching
Module 3 Yoga in Action
Participants will acquire:
  • a knowledge of how to practice a sun salutation with children
  • an understanding of how to utilise rhyme and story to teach yoga
  • the skills to teach simple partner yoga to children
  • a knowledge and understanding about meditation & breathing techniques and how to practice both with children
  • be familiar with the six step school evaluation process in relation to implementing a whole school approach/programme to wellbeing and with the quality framework for primary schools from the School Self-Evaluation Guidelines 2016-2020.
Module 4 The yÓga Flow
Participants will:
  • feel confident in teaching poses 1 to 24 of the yÓGa flow and how they can be adapted to the various class standards
  • gain knowledge and understanding of yoga games and how to incorporate them into a yoga programme
  • an understanding of how to build a school yoga community with an emphasis on inclusivity for all students
  • understand the impact of yoga as a school wide positive behaviour support
Module 5 The yÓga Flow & Curriculum Integration
Participants will:
  • feel confident in teaching exercises 25 to 36 of The yÓGa Flow and adapting them to the various class standards
  • be aware of the online ICT resources available to support the teaching of yoga to kids & using available technology in your school to encourage the children to create their own yoga programme for their school and their peers
  • be enabled to plan and integrate yoga with curricular areas including literacy, numeracy, SPHE, PE, music and art

Feedback from our Previous Summer Participants

  • 'I think this course was excellent. There was nothing I would change or add to it!'
  • 'I loved this course. It was so practical in nature, you can tell that all of the resources and lessons have been practiced in real classroom scenarios. One of the best online summer courses I have engaged with.'
  • 'I think the course was excellent. It was well paced. It has excellent resources that I will use and it was very relevant and practical.'
  • 'The course was perfectly laid out for me, easy to follow, interesting and inspiring. Well done. I would highly recommend it to others.'

Note this course is available online over a seven week period
from 1st July to 16th August 2024

Enrol Now

This course is approved by the Department of Education & Skills as part of the 2024 Courses programme for Primary Teachers.
Total course time is 20 hours with a minimum of 13 hours online. There is no synchronous/live requirement on this course. Participants will be expected to participate in course forums and submit assignments as required. Tutors will be available for support and feedback. Access to the course will be available from 1st July to 16th August 2024. On completion of the course qualifying teachers will receive a CPD Certificate and will qualify for 3 EPV Days.

The course will also be open on the same dates to SNAs, Secondary School Teachers, Childcare Workers, Childminders and Parents who feel that they may benefit from the course

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