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The Debs on a budget - How to do it

The Debs tends to be a big occasion in a school leaver’s life and the temptation is often to go overboard, spending vast amounts of money in order to make it the ‘perfect’ night. However, it must be kept in mind that it is only ONE night and it is the company and the atmosphere that will contribute most to the success of the evening. While you will want to feel your best, this doesn’t require forking out an arm and a leg for it. You can still have the time of your life while sticking to a strict budget.

Debs Saving Tips

1: Shop around for your dress

Debs specialist shops tend to stock expensive dresses but often have sales so make sure to keep an eye on the shops you like - maybe get on their mailing list so you can hear about any offers. There are also plenty of Debs-suitable dresses in more budget friendly high street shops as well as many fantastic online clothing stores that stock long length dresses at a cheaper price. Vintage clothing is huge right now and sustainable second-hand clothes are encouraged. You can pick up a bargain on Facebook groups, from friends who have had their debs before you, or charity shops throughout Ireland.

2: What Shoes?

While your shoes are very important, as they must be comfortable and allow you to walk properly, you do not necessarily have to spend a huge amount on them. You may even have a pair of shoes at home that would work with your dress. If you are wearing a full length dress your shoes will go unnoticed for the most part. Most debutantes end up barefoot after a few minutes or bring flats with them to change into, so don’t feel the need to spend hundreds of euros on a pair of shoes!

3: Hair OR Makeup

Pick to get either your hair OR makeup done, or opt to do it all yourself. You are the only one who really knows how you want to look, so you may be left feeling much better having done it yourself. If your heart is set on heading to a professional however, look around for Debs packages that will offer you a number of things as part of a package at a cheaper price.

4: Home Tan?

If you are looking for that bronzed goddess look, but don't want to fork out the money for a spray tan, there are now plenty of great at home tanning options available in pharmacies. However, be aware that tanning products can sometimes be as expensive as a spray tan itself, so make sure to compare prices before you make your decision.

Money Saving

1: Learn to haggle

Tickets to the Debs are bound to be expensive, ranging from about €50-100. While you won't be able to change the price of the ticket, you may be able to urge your debs committee to opt for a more budget friendly affair, making ticket prices slightly lower. Venue prices will differ substantially and will have a huge effect on ticket prices

2: Budget Beauty

To save your hard earned dough, you may opt to paint your nails yourself instead of heading to the salon. If you know you are no good at painting your own nails, opt for a mini mani or mini pedi instead of the full shabang. You will get a very similar effect with lovely painted nails - you will just tend to get less pampering, shaping and cuticle work during the process.

3: Organise a Party Bus

Getting a party bus to the venue with a group of friends will be A LOT cheaper than hiring a limo for the night. Party buses are very budget friendly and are great fun, equipped with party lights and loud music!

4: Photography

If you have a family member who enjoys photography, have them take a few snaps of you and your date before you head off. This will be a lot cheaper than getting professional photographs taken. Bring your own camera with you and you will get some much more personal photographs throughout the night that will provide many laughs well into the future.

One More Thing!

Don’t feel like you need to keep up with everyone else on what they are spending, you will enjoy the night even more knowing you didn’t have to spend a few months earnings on it!