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Debs coming up - Check out our best beauty tips for DIY!

You will want to look your best and you can. Just follow the pampering programme and make-up tips provided below by Tara Murphy, Beauty Consultant and Owner of Invogue Beauty Salon and you will be ready to dazzle.


Perfectly polished and painted nails scream sophistication and glamour. If you want these nails for your debs remember your feet as well as your hands. On giving yourself a DIY professional manicure/pedicure, start by filling the nails and applying a small amount of cuticle cream and gently pushing the cubicles back with an orange wood stick. Do not use metal as you could damage your nail. Then apply some hand cream to soften the hands.

When working on your feet remember to file down the hard skin before applying the cream. Use nail polish remover to clean away any oily film left on the surface of the nails. Then apply a basecoat to protect your nail, followed by 2 coats of your desired polish and add shine to your nails. If you want to go that extra sparkle and bling why not try some nail art designs and diamonds at your favourite Beauty Salon.


We are not all born with perfect skin but are you listening to your skin? It is trying to tell you what it needs. If you can interpret its sensations and textures you will be able to care for it much better in the future. Your skin is the canvas for your makeup; a perfect skin will help to give a perfect make up. However if your skin is dry, oily, congested etc there is only so much that your make up can do! A daily cleanse, tone and moisturise day and night with the correct products that suit your skin is vital.

Then weekly it is important to exfoliate to rid the skin of dead cells and excessive oils. This is often followed by a mask for 20 minutes to leave your skin looking radiant. However if you feel that your skin is still not at its best, then a professional facial may be needed. A visit to your favourite Beauty Salon a few months before the Debs will allow the skin to be perfect for the big night especially if a few treatments are needed. Also Mum’s often enjoy coming along for a few treatments and make a day of it.

False Tans

There are many false tans on the market however the same pre and post care applies to them all:
What to Do
SCRUB - Exfoliate for up to a week before the tan but not the day of the false tan application.
SHAVE or WAX IT - The day before the tan.
OUTFIT CHECK - Wear Dark clothing and loose fitting shoes the day of the application.
MOISTURISE - after each shower to keep up the tan, but not before or the day of the tan application.
PAT DRY - after each shower and do not rub the skin
SWEATING - is a big no after the tan application. Do not carry out any exercise until after your first shower after the application

Tanning is very important to get right for your Debs night. You must remember that there are different shades of false tans, so if you have a pale complexion it is better to use a lighter colour tan. It is always possible to add more tan if desired but not so easy to take it off. The most popular tans are the spray on tans. Air wraps around the tanning spray which effectively allows it to dry as you spray avoiding streaking and giving you a perfect tan in 10 minutes. If you are unsure about tans it is advisable to do a trial a few weeks in advance and not the week of the event. There are many different shades of tan that can be applied according to your skin tone and preference. Remember the tan application should be carried out the day before your big night and not the day of it!!

Make up

Your make up application is only as good as the brushes you use so use great brushes!! High quality brushes allow you to apply and blend better than anything else. At the minimum you need a fluffy powder brush, a flat eye shadow brush, a tapered blush brush and an eyeliner brush.


You should try and get the nearest colour foundation to your own skin tone. An off colour base will make every other cosmetic you apply just look not quite right. Mixing foundation and moisturiser can give a good tinted moisturiser. If you have discolouration or spots on your skin apply concealer on the problem areas before applying your foundation. Apply foundation with a make up brush or sponge.


Set your foundation with loose powder applied with a big fluffy brush. This sets every type of cosmetic from foundation, to eye shadow to even lipstick!! Pick a loose powder with a yellow undertone to make sure that it works with your skin tone. Also deposit extra powder under the eyes to catch any eye make up fallout. Then brush away. Most women’s eyelids are translucent therefore looking bluer or darker that the rest of the face. This discolouration can affect the colour of the eye products that you wear.

Before applying your shadow prime the lids with a special base for lids or a light swipe of your foundation followed by powder. Not only will this even the tone but it will also make your shadow last longer into your big night. An iridescent shadow opens up the eye area and gives a hint of party sparkle. To achieve the look of dark dramatic eyes use a Kohl pencil to outline top and bottom lashes and follow with a black liquid liner to top lashes only.

Eye Liner

There are pencil, liquid and cake eyeliners. Pencil liners can be used above the top lashes and below the lower lashes. Liquid liners should only be used above the top lid. Cake eyeliners are used with water are used both top and bottom.

Eye Lashes

Make sure lashes are free from any make up. Curl the lashes with an eyelash curler. Then get a hand held mirror and hold it down and look into it. This will allow you see the root all the way to the tips of your lashes. This gets the best length possible, Maximise length – look down into a mirror, got it!!

False Lashes

Eyelash extensions are a new method of enhancing the length and thickness of lashes. They are applied on a lash by lash basis for a totally natural look. They can last from up to 6/8 weeks. If you want that eternally feminine and seriously seductive look, then eye lash extensions are the way to go!! They should be applied a few days before your big night at your favourite Beauty Salon.

Highlighter Stick

If it is ophthalmologist tested it can be used as a highlighter under the eyebrow and high on the cheekbones and lips. They illuminate a tan nicely


Sweeping on cheek colour in strips in an effort to create cheekbones only succeeds in making you look dated!! For a more classic attractive look apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Before applying, smile and apply in a circular sweeping motion for an instant fresh look. Avoid swiping the blush towards your hairline.


To make your lips appear fuller use a deep shade of lip colour at the outside corners of the lips. Then apply a lighter colour (similar shade) to the centre of the lips. Remember light brings forward and dark recedes. Lip gloss can then be applied in the middle of the lips to give that sexy pout effect.

Lipstick Choice

The type of lipstick depends on your individual taste. Matte lipsticks last longer but are drier in texture. Cream lipsticks give good coverage and contain moisturizers. Hydrating lipsticks are good for dry lips. Sheer lipsticks are moist and give the lips a stain. Lip glosses have the most moisture. It is best to apply your lipstick with a lip brush.