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7 Cost Cutting Tips for Communion

We know you would love if money was no object on your child's special day but unfortunately the cost of Communions is only rising. With the celebration becoming a bigger 'fashionable' trend in today's society, it can be stressful just trying to keep up, never mind trying to compete! It's important to remember that as long as your child is content and happy, then everything else will follow suit.

Here at schooldays, we have listed some great tips to help you cut the cost of celebrating your child's communion while still providing your guests with a great day out.

Communion Outfits

The Communion suit or dress may very well be the most expensive part of any child's Communion. While there are many beautiful dresses and outfits you would love to buy your child, there must be a price limit set in place before you enter the shops. If you don't have a very specific price range in mind then you can easily be influenced or persuaded by puppy-dog eyes and end up spending a small fortune on a dress that will only be worn once. Read our guide for buying a Communion dress for some more tips if you're buying a dress. Boys are relatively easy to shop for, one sure way to keep expenses at a minimum is to get an outfit which will serve them for other occasions in the future. A smart suit will never be out of place!


Some people are put off when they hear the words 'Charity Shop' but they are chock full of gorgeous clothes, some with the price tags still attached! Keep in mind that you are shopping for a Communion outfit, most are brand new, having only been worn once. Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to still own the Communion Dress you wore as a child then begin your own tradition and turn it into an heirloom. Remember that it is also perfectly acceptable to reuse outfits which were worn by your child's older siblings.

Don't Over-Do it!

Remember, your child is only a child after all! No matter how much you spend on hair, you are guaranteed that it will be a birds nest by the end of the day so don't bother even making an appointment at the hair salon. Practice some hair styles on your child or enlist the help of a stylish teen. Also, avoid buying any expensive jewellery or accessories for the big day, they will be inexplicably lost!


Booking a venue that will suit everyone can be difficult. Why not organise a get-together at your own house? We have lots of great resources on how to self-cater for your child's big day minus the stress, complete with advice and recipes.


To add a personal touch to your child's day, why not create something that can become a family heirloom? This can be anything, from a handmade tiara using ribbons and an cheap head band or a lovely cardigan knitted by granny that can be worn over the dress. Making something by hand is a rewarding and inexpensive way to make your child feel special while also providing them with a precious memoir they can pass on to their own kids.


Whether you decide to self-cater or book a venue, don't be too shy to ask for help. Rope in as many volunteers as you can, from talented relatives who can style your child's hair to friends with a knack for baking, just getting everyone to do something small will help out enormously. You can get people to lend you some furniture/cutlery for the day if you're hosting from home.

Join Forces!

More than likely, your child will be getting their Communion along with their friends. Get in contact with with their parents and see if they would be interested in holding a dual, or multiple, after party. This can be held in a venue or a house. You can also suggest a day out instead of a party; have a laid back picnic in the local park (if the weather permits). Hopefully our suggestions ill not only help to cut down on costs, it will also cut down on stress!