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Easter Egg

Design Ideas

for Kids

How to Start

Before you start to decorate real eggs with the kids, make sure you properly prepare the eggs to avoid any nasty messes mid decoration!

Option 1:

Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard-boil the eggs you are going to use. If you plan to eat the eggs after decoration, be aware that boiled eggs are usually not safe to eat when left unrefrigerated for more than two hours. Here's our guide to achieving the perfect hard-boiled egg for Easter decorations.
Option 2:

Blow Out Eggs

Poke two small holes, one on the top and one on bottom of a raw egg and blow the egg out of the shell. This technique can be difficult but these eggs can last for years with the proper care unlike the boiled eggs which are perishable. Here's a video tutorial.

Dip n' Dye

This one is perfect for preschoolers. Simply choose whether you will use food dye or natural dyes, place different colours in a cupcake tin or separate bowls and let the kids get colourful! A quick, fun, and easy way to decorate your eggs!

Funny Faces

You can have so much fun with this idea and there are so many different routes you can take! Decorate your eggs with paint, stickers, marker, googley eyes or anything else that will work. Get Creative!

Easter Eggheads

This is really just an example of how dynamic the above idea can be. We think its super cute! We found this idea on and it comes with a full breakdown of how to make some egg monster of your own!

Character Themes

Get the kids to decorate their eggs as characters from their favourite movies, games or cartoons! These Minion Easter eggs are super cute and easy to make, or you could make Angry Bird Easter eggs like the ones below!

Angry Birds Game!

Set up your own angry birds level outside and catupult your bird eggs into the pig eggs! Use a mixture of raw eggs, boiled eggs and blown out eggs to add to the fun. For an extra bit of humour, make the stinky pigs couple of days in advance to let the egg get a bit, er, smelly!

Glitter Sticker Eggs

This one's quite simple but the eggs look great when they are done. Prepare your eggs with colours or leave them bare and stick some stickers on them. Simple but so effective and very little mess! We found this design here.