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Some of the effects of Bullying include

Bullying can have a massive effect on the psychological health of your children. Lots of problems later in life can come from heavy bullying in school, and bullying can severely impact your child's interest in activities they may have once been passionate about.

#1 Stress
#2 Reduced ability to Concentrate
#3 Lack of Motivation or Energy
#4 Poor or Deteriorating School Work
#5 Anxiety about going to school
#6 Loss of confidence and self esteem
#7 Lack of appetite/comfort eating
#8 Alcohol, Drug or substance Abuse
#9 Aggressive Behaviour
#10 Depression
#11 Problems with sleeping, nightmare, bedwetting, sweats
#12 Stomach & Bowel Disorders
#13 Panic Attacks
#14 Nervous Breakdown
#14 Attempted Suicide

The Tell Tale Signs to watch out for:

It's important to look out for the telltale signs of your child having trouble with bullies.

#1 Unexplained bruising, cuts or damaged clothes
#2 Visible signs of anxiety or distress – refusal to say what is wrong
#3 Unexplained mood swings or behaviour
- becoming withdrawn
- becoming clingy
- attention seeking
- aggressive behaviour
#4 Out of character behaviour in class
#5 Deterioration in educational attainments
#6 Loss of concentration
#7 Loss of interest in school
#8 Erratic attendance
#9 Mitching
#10 Lingering behind in school after classes are over
#11 Increased requests for pocket money or stealing money
#12 Loss of or damage to personal possessions or equipment
#13 Artwork expressing inner turmoil

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Source: Anti Bullying Centre, TCD