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Bullying at School

One of the most difficult situations which any parent can face is realising that your child or teenager is being bullied at school. It can be equally difficult if your child is accused of being a bully. Many of you have shared your experience on our discussion boards and we can see how traumatic and difficult such situations can be. So we have created this special focus page on our website bringing together some useful articles on bullying along with suggested reading material .

Most schools are pro-active and supportive in dealing with such issues however there may be times when you feel the need to seek help outside of the school so we have provided details of some organisation who may be able to help. We have also created a dedicated discussion board thread to the issue of Bullying so please continue to use this forum to seek advice and support from other parents.

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New Action Plan on Bullying launched Jan 2013 - Read more

Useful Articles

Read about the different Types of Bullying......

Find out about the Effects of Bullying & Tell Tale Signs......

What to tell children if they are being bullied

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Anti Bullying Procedures for Schools 2013

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Stop the bullying before it starts

Dealing with abusive text messages

Is your teenager bullying others - what can you do?

Check out our Health & Wellbeing Page (Technology Section) for info on online bullying issues

Organisations that can help



Anti-Bullying Centre
Parents Council Post Primary
(Parents under stress)
Parents Council Primary
01 8874477

Useful Reading & Resource Material

The Department of Education and Science Guidelines on Countering Bullying Behaviour in Primary and Post Primary (1993) - available here

An information pack including a comprehensive reading list entitled School Bullying : Key Facts can be ordered free of charge from the A.B.C. Tel: (01) 896 2573 / 896 488, E-mail:

R U being Bullied - Tips for Teens - PDF Version Cool School Bullying Project Tips for Teens.pdf
(the book can be ordered by posting a cheque for €10 to: Cool School Programme, Meath Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Kennedy Rd, Navan, Co Meath)

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