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Top Five Halloween Safety Tips

Kids love Halloween. When else can they dress up, get goodies, and act spooky? Halloween can be one of the best times of the year for children for all of these reasons, but trick-or-treating makes many parents nervous for an even more numerous list of reasons. However with a few simple precautions, everyone can safely have fun.

1. Pumpkins

Carving can be dangerous for children so let your kids participate by drawing the face on the pumpkin and scooping out its insides with a spoon.

2. Costumes

Check labels to see that all costumes and accessories are flame-resistant. (This goes for wigs, masks, and beards, too.) Put strips of reflective tape on the front and back of costumes to make them more visible to drivers. Make sure all facepaints, glues, and glitters are nontoxic. Your child may be allergic! Your child's costume shouldn't drag on the ground. It's too easy to trip. Shoes should be well-fitting and sturdy. (Mom's high heels are not a good idea for safe walking!). Dress warmly, after all it is winter. Pile on the layers under the costumes.

3. Props

Don't allow children to carry sharp objects. Swords, knives, and any other accessories should be made of soft, flexible material. If your child wears a mask, make sure it fits securely and has eyeholes large enough so that he can see. Make sure that goody bags are light-colored for easy visibility. Decorate them with reflective tape (you can find it in hardware, bicycle, or sporting goods stores).

4. Trick-or-Treating do’s and don’ts

No child should go trick-or-treating alone. Always accompany your younger children; older children can go in groups but must agree not to split up and carry a flashlight and to be home by a certain time.. Agree with the children beforehand which roads you will be visiting.Remind children to walk on sidewalks and be cautious when crossing streets and not to cross between parked cars.

Tell children to go only to homes and neighbors they know and only to houses with lights on. Remind them that not every neighbour will want to take part and to respect the privacy of older people who may not open the door. Remind them to say thank you! Tell children to turn down all invitations to enter homes. Period. Advise children to avoid even normally friendly neighborhood dogs, who can be startled by kids they know who are dressed in unfamiliar costumes.

5. Goodies

Warn kids not to eat any treats before returning home (a filling dinner can help). Throw away any homemade treats or any treats with torn or unsealed wrapping