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Tips for the Debs Committee

Choosing the Date & Time

Make sure the date doesn’t clash with any important events – e.g. national football/rugby/soccer matches or any school associated events. Friday or Saturday nights are usually the preferred choice but book up early so start your planning well in advance. If you are having a reception in the school beforehand work backwards from the time you are expected at the hotel to ensure you allow sufficient time for the school reception, photographs and travel time to the venue.

Choosing the Venue

Consider the distance from your school – preferably the venue should only be 20 – 30 minutes from the school location so as to ensure that all guests will arrive on time. Will you be providing coach transport from the school to the hotel – you will need to establish the number requiring such transport as many now opt for Limo & Hummers! If you are thinking of booking coaches to transport the debutantes, check out our list of Coach Hire suppliers.

Set your budget in advance and establish which venue will give you best value for your money – many provide all round packages which include entertainment, drinks reception, flowers, transport etc. Ensure that the venue is sufficiently large making sure you take into account that you may have overflow at the afters.

Choosing the Entertainment (DJ and/or Band)

The hotel may provide the Dj and/or Band as part of their package. If you are accepting this as part of the package may sure you take the opportunity to go and listen to the DJ/band and are satisfied that they play or are willing to play, the type of music your fellow students will like. Whether it is a DJ or band sourced by your committee or provided by the hotel, it is important to establish the following:

#1 How Long will the band play for?
#2 How long will the DJ play for?
#3 Will they play the type of music you want?
#4 Do they have professional equipment to provide a professional performance?
#5 If the Committee are booking the DJ/band directly, make sure to re-confirm the booking a couple of weeks before the Debs night?