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Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Princess Party

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess with a tiara and beautiful ball gown. Why not make their dreams come true by hosting a princess party? Hire some princess props and costumes so that your daughter and all her friends can dress up as their favourite princess for the day! Hire out a bouncy castle and let the kids' imaginations govern their play.

Picnic at the Park

If your daughter is fortunate enough to have her birthday in the warmer months, organise a picnic party at your local park or playground. Make some sandwiches and beverages, bring some picnic blankets and let the kids play on the swings and slides. Enlist some of the other parents to help keep an eye on the kids and make sure all of the kids help clean up any litter before you leave.

Frozen Fever

If your daughter is still gripped by Frozen fever then host a Frozen themed birthday party! There are many Frozen themed party decorations still available in shops everywhere and you can even buy a Frozen themed birthday cake! While Frozen Fever may be dying down a little, this idea can be expanded to any of the Disney princess movies. Tangled, and Mulan are all great choices with their own style!

Cupcake Baking & Decorating

Organise a fun cupcake party with lot's of different decorating props. The kids will love creating yummy cupcakes they can bring home and show their parents! It's sure to be a couple of hours of fun! This Idea can work for a smaller number of kids, but if the group gets to be over 4-5 children,, it may be a good idea to split the groups and have one adult in charge of each group.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

If the party must be indoors, try to spark the imaginations of the kids by hosting a fun Alice in Wonderland Themed Tea Party. Use food coloring to dye sandwiches all sorts of mad colours, you can use an inexpensive plastic tea set and even hire out some fun entertainment! One fun way to make interesting food is to use food dye in My Wadi to make crazy delicious drinks, and have lots of different jelly!


If you're limiting the guest list to just a few close friends, why not skip the party and turn the celebration into a fun sleepover? Rent out some movies, order a pizza or whip up some party food and have some ice-cream or popcorn on hand. Let the kids bring sleeping bags and let them all bunk up in the living room.

Pet Farm Party

Pet Farms are great for kids parties as not only do they have cute animals and playgrounds, but most offer very affordable birthday party packages too! There are so many pet farms and wildlife parks strewn about the country, you're sure to find one close to home! Make sure that the children invited don't have any allergies to the animals in the farm, and the children will all have a great time!