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13th Birthday Party Ideas & Themes for Girls & Boys

What to do for your child's 13th Birthday?

Ah, the awkward age of thirteen, the cocoon stage of your little caterpillar's road to becoming a butterfly. Your child has changed a lot the last year or so! They just recently started secondary school and may be starting to go to their first teenage discos! Yikes! They may want to feel more grown up and sophisticated for their 13th birthday and the regular 'kiddies party' may not cut it anymore. Here's some ideas...

Birthday Ideas for Girls turning 13

Date Night with Friends
For 13 year old girls, we suggest organising dinner and a movie for her and her friends. Book a table at her favourite restaurant and pre arrange an affordable menu with the restaurant. Most establishments will accommodate for young birthday parties as long as they are not during a busy period. You can choose to supervise from another table or you can pick them up afterwards. Watch out for some wide spread restaurants who provide meal deals with discounted cinema tickets like Eddie Rockets. It is perfectly acceptable to ask other parents pay for their own child, €20 per child should cover the meal and the cinema!.

Day Out at the Shops
Treat your 13 year old and her friends to a day out at the nearest large shopping centre such as Dundrum, Blanchardstown, The Crescent, Golden Island, Whitewater or Eyre Square. These shopping centres usually have a nail salon where they can get basic mani - pedi's after there trip around the shops. Again, it is perfectly acceptable to request the other parents to give their kids enough money to cover food costs etc, about €20 should cover the basics with change left over but of course it is at the discretion of the parent. If you feel the kids are responsible enough, you can give them a set time and a place to meet you so that you're not forced to keep up with them as they hop from shop to shop.

Cookery Party
If your daughter is an avid foodie or would just like to eat some delicious food, why not host a cookery party in your own home or at a cookery venue? This is the perfect way to let your daughter bake her cake and eat it too .

Birthday Ideas for Boys turning 13

Adrenaline Action! Thirteen year old boys are obviously much easier to please. Anything that has high octane action, competitiveness or something that contains the threat of injury will get you brownie points. The old reliables here are paintballing or Go Karting. There are many places scattered across Ireland for you to choose from so no matter where you are you shouldn't have too long of a drive.

Pizza & Cinema
If you would like something a little less energetic for your son's birthday celebration, then why not take the boys out for pizza and a trip to the cinema? Birthday Party and Private events are back at UCD Cinema! It is just low key enough that your son won't be embarrassed to invite his friends, just make sure to gauge the situation before you bring out a surprise cake with candles!

Bowling Fun
Bowling can be a great 13th birthday party idea for boys and girls alike! Most bowling alleys offer up fun arcade games, pool tables and jungle gyms if there are any young kids present. Get in contact with your nearest bowling alley for any birthday packages they may have!