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Nude Selfies: Advice for Parents

ThinkUKnow are a UK based website which aims to help both children and parents understand how to properly interact with the online world and offers advice on what is appropriate to share on social media websites. They have launched a series of short cartoons which guide you through the story of Ann, a mother who discovers that her fifteen year old son, Harry, had shared a nude selfie.

This type of situation is very upsetting and many parents may react with anger and disappointment, but it is important to understand the motives behind why your child might take these pictures. As these videos provide the viewpoints of both the parent and the child, it is clear to see that peer pressure, bullying or even something more sinister, may have driven your teen to do this. These short animations provide sound advice for any parents out there who have experienced this situation or for those who wish to broach the topic with their teens.

The first video serves as an introductory tool to understand why your teen would ever feel the need to share a nude selfie.

The story coninues on to provide advice for parents on how to use preventative measures and how to open up a line of communication with your child about this topic.

The third video explains the risks involved with children chatting and posting pictures online. It is important for parents to understand the damage that can be caused by social media.
The last video provides parents with information on how to get help if the situation gets out of hand.