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The Benefits of Yoga Classes for your child

Yoga isn’t just for adults. Kids too, can gain from practicing this ancient art of meditation and body postures to increase exercise, flexibility, body awareness and self control. Kid’s yoga classes differ from adults classes. Kid’s yoga is centred on fun, often through storytelling and activities. Adult yoga classes are based on a instructor initiating a series of poses for the rest of class to follow. Children cannot hold poses for too long, so games are often thrown in to keep them motivated.

What is yoga

Yoga is a discipline which practices breathing exercises along with body postures and meditation. Originating in ancient Hindu culture, yoga is now practiced all over the world and is a popular source of relaxation and for maintaining healthy well-being for lots of people in Ireland and UK. spoke to Dublin based yoga teacher, Lydia Sasse, to find out about yoga and how it can benefit kids.

Sasse explained that yoga can help kids learn about good posture, maintain their flexibility and allow them to release frustration and develop calm. She writes:

“Kids yoga… [is] all about developing your child’s sense of imagination and adventure whilst also teaching them that they can use their bodies in a fun and positive way to help them run faster, sleep better, feel calmer and concentrate longer in school.”

“Kids yoga helps to maintain your child’s natural flexibility, encourage good posture and digestion and develop the focus needed to perform well in school. Yoga improves self confidence, helps your child to develop a healthy body image and allows them to express their emotions in a physical way."

Sasse believes that not only is yoga fun, it is a great non-competitive way to get children involved in physical activities. ‘It promotes strength , flexibility, good coordination and posture as well as teaching children how to concentrate better and relax and be still. Yoga postures can be adapted for children of all ages and abilities and it promotes self awareness , teaching children to do what is right for their own body. Yoga also teaches breathing techniques that can help children to learn to self-regulate if they are anxious or stressed. It increases lung capacity therefore boosting stamina and the immune system and can be hugely beneficial for children with asthma.’

Yoga is practiced at home and taught in classes all over Ireland, and has a lots of benefits for adults as well as children who have brought yoga into their everyday lives. Life can be stressful for all families at times and this low impact, relaxation method is a perfect ‘time-out’ exercise for those immersed in our on-going busy lives. Locate kids yoga classes in your area.