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How Much Will Your Debs Cost

The Debs has become a mini industry with female debutantes spending as much as €1,000. It can of course be celebrated just as well on a much smaller budget - the important point for all involved is to agree the budget beforehand. Here on we hope to help you with some of the practical preparation for the big day.

We've done some checking around on your behalf to find out what average costs for this year's Debs might be and this is what we’ve found out:


With dresses you really can spend as much or as little as you wish. On checking with a number of boutiques who focus on the Debs market we found that prices range from €395 to €750 and we believe the average spend would be around €400. You may need to factor in the cost of a shrug or wrap which can be between €25 and €45 and the cost of alternations which will depend on the extent of alteration needed.Then there’s the shoes – again average between €50 - €75.

Beauty Treatments & Hairdressing

Again the sky is the limit here but generally speaking you can expect to pay around the following:
#1 Manicure with nail art, €35 although more and more girls are opting for Gel or Shellac nails which can cost about about €50
#2 Professionally applied Spray Tan - Half body €30-€40 or Full body €40-€50
#3 Makeup Professionally applied Make-up €30 - €40
#4 Hair Basic hair style €30, allow €40-€50 for an 'up-do' hairstyle

Many establishments offer affordable and flexible Debs packages that include many of the treatments above. These packages may be between €100-€120 depending on what you are getting and where but be sure to shop around for the best deal. We have found that city-based salons tend to be a little more expensive but they do offer a wider selection of treatments. Remember to start booking early to ensure you get what you want!

Check out our Beauty Tips to help you prepare for the big night.

Hiring a Tux

We found out that hiring a tux for the night ranges between €50 - €80. Those charging nearer the €50 mark often don’t include a shirt which can cost an additional €15 (hire) or €35 to buy.. Some shops will agree a special price with a school/debs committee which can reduce the price by as much as 20%. Brand new tuxedo's are between €200-€300 to buy.

Debs Tickets

Debs Tickets usually cost in the region of €50 - €80 and usually the girl or boy who is inviting someone to their debs pays for both tickets. The typical debs package consists of a hotel function room rental, a four or five course meal, music (usually a band followed by a DJ) and in some cases a cooked breakfast at about 5am!

Coach transport is sometimes included however renting limousines has become popular in recent years.

Limo Hire

A limo carrying 4 – 6 people costs around €360 - €380 for the evening whilst a full stretch limo carrying eight costs between €450 - €550 for the evening. The cost usually includes picking up from a couple of locations (if they are near each other), bringing the group to the school if required and then on to the hotel.


Whether it's at the school or at the hotel, you will usually be offered the opportunity to avail of the services of a professional photographer. A 10 x 8 " print costs between €30 - €40. You would normally need to budget for two of these (one for your partner) and also may wish to factor in the additional cost of a class photograph, again roughly another €40, so in total a rough budget of €120 for photographs.