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Healthy Salads and Sides Recipes from Glanmore Foods on

Scrummy Yummy

Caesar Salad

 Ready in 10 Minutes
 Fussy Eater Friendly
 No egg, no anchovies!
Caesar Salad ..

Veggie Soldiers

with Houmous Dip

 Made in Seconds
 Healthy Snack
 One of five a Day
Carrot, Cucumber & Dips ..

Savage Cabbage
& Apple Salad

 Ready in 10 mins
 Teen Detox Diet
 Full of Fiber

Cabbage & Apple Salad ..

Tasty Tuna 
Pasta Salad

 Hot or Cold
 Ready in 30 mins
 Fussy Eater Friendly
Tuna Pasta Salad ..

Clever Clogs

 Ready in 10 mins

 Last Minute Life Saver

 Vitamin Enriched
Cous Cous ..

Mexican Mixed

Bean Salad

 Nutrient Packed
 Easy to Make
 Gluten Free
Mixed Bean Salad ..

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