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Healthy Sandwich Recipes from Glanmore Foods on



 Easy to Make
 Hot or Cold Lunch
 Fussy Eater Friendly
Pizza Quesadillas ..

Smoked Salmon Bagel
with Egg & Avocado

 Hot or Cold Lunch
 Vitamin Kick
 Protein Packed
Salmon Bagel ..

Mixed Bean


 Easy to Make
 Diabetic Friendly
Mixed Bean Burritos ..

Fajita Wraps

 Hot or Cold
 Ready in 30 mins
 Fussy Eater Friendly
Turkey Fajita Wraps ..

Pita Pocket with

Beef, Lettuce & Tomato

 Easy to Make
 Source of Protein
 Iron & B12
Beef Pita Pockets..

Tuna & Sweetcorn

Salad Bap

 Light Lunch
 Ready in Minutes
 Detox Food
Tuna Bap ..

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